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Listview getViewType() and getViewTypeCount() in Action

This  is an article on listview with different view’s. We all know that listview is the most used and conventional way of displaying a list  of data in android. Many-a-times we do encounter a scenario where we want to display list item depending on a specific condition, for example  look at the images below. The common

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Gmail like pull to refresh

Hi!!  All Here is our new library which has gmail like refresh functionality. It’s a simple & fully customizable library  which you can use  in your app easily. You can download library & sample project from github. *Steps for usage. 1] Here is the code snippet CustomView view = new CustomView(getApplicationContext(), actionBar); setContentView(view); view.setRefreshListner(SampleForGmailLIkePullToRefresh.this); view.setActionBar(SampleForGmailLIkePullToRefresh.this); view.getListView().setAdapter(new

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