Month: November 2013

Code snippet to save/fetch data from file system

To save data from file system you need to add write access storage system permission in application’s manifest. You can write data in internal as well as on external sd card. Code to write data on disc [sourcecode language=”java”] protected static void saveDataOnDisk(String data) { ByteArrayOutputStream byteArrayOutputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); try { ObjectOutput objectOutput =

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Gmail like pull to refresh

Hi!!  All Here is our new library which has gmail like refresh functionality. It’s a simple & fully customizable library  which you can use  in your app easily. You can download library & sample project from github. *Steps for usage. 1] Here is the code snippet CustomView view = new CustomView(getApplicationContext(), actionBar); setContentView(view); view.setRefreshListner(SampleForGmailLIkePullToRefresh.this); view.setActionBar(SampleForGmailLIkePullToRefresh.this); view.getListView().setAdapter(new

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